Carbon Offset Option

Each year, between 150 and 300 keepers travel from all parts of the country in order to attend the AAZK National Conference.   Most travel occurs by either plane or automobile, both of which burn fossil fuels, emitting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the process.  CO2 emissions have often been referred to as the engine that drives climate change. The impact (Carbon footprint) of our travel to and from conferences, therefore, has a negative effect on the environment. 

As an organization whose mission is to “promote the preservation of our natural resources and animal life,” we should be working proactively to help reduce our carbon footprint each year. 

This year, The San Diego AAZK Chapter is planning to do an Acres for the Atmosphere  local tree planting project with The San Diego River Park Foundation. Every $7.oo donated will pay for the purchase and care of a young native tree species to be planted along The San Diego River.

The SD AAZK chapter will organize the event sometime after the conference (before March 31, 2012) where we will roll up our sleeves and get digging! All of the trees planted will help us offset the carbon generated by the conference and provide years of carbon sequestration to come. 

To learn more about the program and how you can participate, please email Hali at

If you would like to help make this conference GREENER

Register for Acres for the Atmosphere Carbon Offset Option in San Diego, CA  on Eventbrite 
* There is a credit card processing fee when using the eventbrite feature.

Or you to send your donation for the Carbon Offset Option to:

ATTN: Carbon Offset Option
P.O. Box 632984
San Diego, CA 92103

There will also be the opportunity to make your donation at the conference. The specific location for donations to the carbon offset program will be announced at the conference.

Thank you for your help with this worthwhile cause! We look forward to seeing you in sunny San Diego.